Our company

Extinguished Inc. is an independent locally owned company established as a multi-division organization by September 2009 in Manila Philippines.

The company is managed by professional and highly experienced team focusing on fulfilling the needs for the protection, security and aux system of major industrial and commercial potential here in the Philippines.

In our sales activities with solutions, we are frequently asked the question. "Why should I buy a system or a product from Extinguished Inc.?" It is very legitimate question which we would be happy to answer:

  • To begin with, we offer various solid products that has been developed or sourced based on our years of experience in the industry. It works, and it works well. Our users tell us that it has contributed greatly to the success of their business and we think that is one of the highest compliments that we can receive. The products got to this level because we listen to what our user base has to say. In affect, our users are responsible for the success of the product because it is designed to fit their needs.
  • We are a teamwork company that works hard at building long-term relationships. Customers who signed with us in 2009, our first year in business, are still customers.
  • We have a staff of dedicated professional who understand your business. Many of them come from the solution industry. Our continuing training programs keep them up to date with technology as well as with changes in the industry itself. They are dedicated to getting our systems, hence you, up and running. We are proud of our entire staff because we think they are the best in the business and they work hard to keep this aim as well.